"Our Journey With Hannah"

Our journey with Hannah began September 8, 2009. After her birth, we were surprised to find out that she was born with Down Syndrome. At first it was overwhelming trying to digest all the information that was given to us and wondering what the future held for us and for our new little girl. With the support of family and friends we started our journey and through their acceptance she was flourished as "one of the kids". Although she has taken a little more time to reach her "milestones", she has accomplished most of them on time and continues to accomplish new things everyday.

Early intervention beginning at five weeks has made a tremendous difference. Occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech have given Hannah a running start. Hannah has brought a new meaning of love and understanding to our family. The journey may not be what we had planned, but everyday has been an adventure. We look forward to our future and know that God has great things planned.

Jon and Susan Pate

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